Hiding pages when publishing

Hello Community,

I am new to coda and I am thinking of upgrading to a pro version .
I see there is a “hide” feature in pro. I am wondering : when you hide pages from a doc, do they sill appear when you do a “publish” ? I am looking for a way to choose which pages to display , since I have a lot of cross doc tables that I wish to hide from the final viewer…
Hope I am being clear
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello @Jessalynn_Choby :smiley:
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With the Pro account you can hide pages and they will be hidden also in the published doc (and that’s exactly the setup i’m using :slight_smile: )
Be careful that they are not “not accessible” but just hidden, an user that know the “url” of that page can still access it (but not from any visible menu offcourse), @Paul_Danyliuk did a bit of research and find that, so credit to him!

I’m here if you have any other question or doubts concerning hiding pages or datas, or suggestions in how to organize your doc :slight_smile:

@Mario But if you just share doc, then the menu to unhide documents is left accessible as far as I tested. So its just the thing for published docs?

Hi @Marko_Petrovic, using the “classical” Share, others can still “unhide” them, but for sure they are hidden in published docs!

So i suggest in this case to publish doc in “edit” mode, just to add, locking function do not block the hidden pages “show/hide” switch, this could maybe be an interesting option to add!

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Thank you Mario =)
I upgraded and tried it and it worked perfectly !

Thanks a lot !

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Sorry I am still confused… I am on Teams (which includes Pro functionality), but when I publish my doc you can still unhide pages? Public Dashboard

What am I doing wrong?

You are not doing anything wrong, this is the way Coda is designed. Hidden pages are ‘out of the way’, but they are not secured against unauthorized acces. Publishing (or not) doesn’t change that.

The best way at this time to do what you want to do:
make a (hidden) page
put a new table on this page
filter this table in such a way that only certain users (like yourself) can see the rows of this table
use canvas fields to build your pages

This way, you have access to the hidden pages, while others don’t.
You can even build an access table in a canvas page where you grant access to certain users, you can even build access levels (user, power user, admin, etc.)
The only drawback (at least the last time I checked) is that the page locking mechanism doesn’t work for canvas pages

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I thought that’s the exact point of publishing? In this very thread they say “With the Pro account you can hide pages and they will be hidden also in the published doc”

hi @Scott_Stern ,You have to put your pages horizontally then the hidden pages won’t be shown and you have no search bar that can access the complete doc.
Anyway, permission management is not yet the best developed part of Coda so far.
cheers, Christiaan


Got it. Not my preferred way of organizing things… but if that’s what it takes. Thanks!

With horizontally Christiaan is talking about this: