Add option/toggle to hide 'Show hidden pages' toggle

I would like to request this very simple thing, which is to add option for Doc owner only, to disable/hide the ‘Show hidden pages’ toggle for Editors. At least for Team plan Coda users.

I understand that hiding pages is ‘not a security feature’ in the sense that it can’t securely isolate data, or bind data to certain user (yet) and all data within a Doc is technically accessible to anyone who have access to even just view the Doc. And that at current phase of Coda, there’s no security feature other than Cross-doc (which is automation/API based script instead of native user data ownership feature). And although I’m hoping Coda will develop the frontend/backend functionality and security features one way or another, I understand that we can’t be sure when it will happen or if ever.

But at least I think there should still be an option to disable the ‘Show hidden pages’ toggle even for Editors. At least in Team plan. Because there’re some use cases where it is enough for the Doc owner to just completely hide the ability for the Editors to view certain pages needed to be hidden.
For example, when we create master table in the hidden page and leave certain views for editors to interact with, while the data also not super sensitive to the point where it is not allowed to be leaked for everyone to see.

I mean locking feature already securing the data to be edited. But what if Doc owner also doesn’t want certain pages to be visible to their Editors even though the data can still be accessed and not fully secured?
‘Hidden’ supposed to mean hidden. But at this point, there’s almost no difference between hiding a page vs just ‘collapsing’ the pages tree if the purpose is to just neatly arrange the viewing.

So ultimately, I don’t see any reason why the ‘Show hidden pages’ toggle ‘has’ to be there for everyone to toggle on/off and the choice not just given to Doc owners to decide whether to allow their Editors to access it or not. Even though it won’t secure any data.