How to automatically change the "Chapter" property value based on the current order of the group?

Hi! So, I’m not really sure how to explain this, but since I’m an amateur writer, I created a document with 3 tables: Characters, Locations and Scenes.

The table Scenes uses information from both tables Character and Location, so every scene would have properties that uses those Locations and Characters. The collumn “Scene in Chapter” show the order of the scene based on the order of the row in that table. So, if I move that row to a different position, the value is updated automatically. Similarly with the collumn “Scene in Novel”, that doesn’t consider the chapter to restart the counting.

The problem is: I grouped the rows based on the value of the property “Chapter” (so I could separate my scenes in chapters" and have a better visualization) and sorted “custom”. However, I really wish to change the order of an entire group (chapter) and automatically change the number of that group (which means changing the property 'Chapter" for every row). By doing so, I would be able to see the correct numerical order of the chapters, whatever reorder I make.

For example. If I move the Chapter 2 to the top, every single row would get the new value for its “chapter” property and it’d became “Chapter 1”.

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