Forula Assistance Needed - Auto Sorting When Data Is Entered


Hopefully this is the right place for this. I’m trying to get Coda to auto tag a Row depending on weather dates are entered into the fields or not.

Currently I have a list at the end of each row that I sort manually. I am looking into the Switch or SwitchIf formulas to see if I could have Coda interpret the information there and automatically choose the correct list name. This way it will filter into other views automatically.

Here is a trimmed down version of what I have setup:

What I’m trying to do is depending on if there is a date on each step of the process, filter to a different team:

Storyboard End Date - If there is a date - Move to Copy Editing
CopyEditing Date End - If there is a date - Move to Graphics
Graphics End - If there is a date - Move to Editing
Editing Date - If there is a date - Move to Beta
Beta End - If there is a date - Move to Ready for OTL
OTL Release - If there is a date = Move to Scheduled

I’m not super great with formulas so I might be biting off more than I can chew.

Thanks for any assistance or ideas.


Hi @Kazdyn_Nicholson, can you share the doc with everyone so we can access it and see what you are trying to do. You can do this by updating it through the sharing settings.

Shoot, I’m getting an error saying “Failed to change sharing settings; please try again.”

Wondering if this is locked down by my company. Let me see if I can resolve it

Here is a screenshot in the meantime:

I don’t appear to be able to change my public sharing options which is unfortunate. I don’t have the time to transition this over into my personal Coda account right now either. Oh well. I’ll have to loop back to this later.

I’ll still take ideas if anyone has them in the meantime :slight_smile: