How to browse through all listed packs

I just can’t find a way to see all listed packs.
The link below only shows the recommended ones. I’m sure there are more.


i may be wrong, but i think if you scroll down thru the ‘recommended’ packs listing, it keeps bringing up more, and it looks to me as if all the packs are there.

so i think the list is misnamed.


You may be right
I couldn’t find the pack “Send Data to Integromat Webhook” in the list, but if you search for the name it’s there.
Maybe a new pack is not automatically added to that list.
As it’s named “Recommended” I thought there could be more.

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ah… you may be right… so they need a better pack-store shopfront.

Hi Breno, Zac from Coda here. Thanks for the feedback here. I’ll go ahead and pass this along to our team. For now we recommend using the search bar if a pack doesn’t appear in the recommend section!

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