What’s new: Improvements to the security tab on Pack listing pages

As the year winds down, I’ve been reflecting on the growth of our Pack ecosystem. At Coda 3.0, we announced that anyone could start publishing Packs to the Gallery. This summer, we doubled down by launching the Pack Studio and letting the maker community sell their Packs on Coda. Now, we have 300+ published Packs for teams to connect, consolidate, and customize their docs. This means there are more ways for you to bring together all your favorite tools on Coda.

But one question I often get is: with hundreds of Packs in the Gallery, how can I learn more about the security of a given Pack? Well, I can proudly say that every Pack in the Gallery is secure because we designed the entire Pack platform with security in mind, from the ground up. And now we’ve added greater transparency into each Pack by updating the security tab on our Pack listing pages.

Let me explain what we mean by “security from the ground up.”

Packs only connect to the domains they say they do.

Packs are only able to interact and share data with the websites shown front and center in the Pack’s security tab. They can only access data you request, and can’t store information away for later.

Coda handles and stores your login credentials.

Pack makers, Pack code, and other doc users never have access to your usernames and passwords. Coda encrypts your login information and applies them on behalf of the Pack, so you never have to worry about your credentials being compromised.

Packs run separately from Coda.

While Packs integrate with your doc, they run separately from Coda, so they’re unable to access anything they aren’t supposed to. For example, a Pack can receive formula parameters you explicitly provide, but not other content in your doc.

Packs are now certified.

Last but not least, we’ve added certifications to Packs that have been human reviewed by our team and have 48 hour response times for support tickets, guaranteed. These Packs are denoted with a blue checkmark beside their name. And of course, like every Pack in the Gallery, they are backed by the above security requirements.

Hopefully, this clarifies your questions on Pack security. If you want to read more, check out our updated help center article on the topic.

Any additional questions? Drop them in the comments below and we’ll happily answer. Thank you for the making!