How to change chart line / segment colors?

I have a chart and each segment or line has a different color. I want to change the colors, so the blue line is red and the green line is yellow, etc. Anyone know how to do this? It would be nice for the ‘late’ line to be red!

It’s faster to re-type the reply rather than try and find it elsewhere.

In a nutshell: colors are assigned in the same order (a cycle of 14 colors, 5 tick shapes) as the chart encounters the first time this group appears in the data set. I.e. your chart is sorted this way that the first entry it finds is Hours, next one is Late tasks etc.

To force the order of colors you need, sort your chart accordingly. E.g. introduce a column “Order” and make it so that for Hours rows it’s 1, Start of Day tasks it’s 2, Points it’s 3, Late Tasks it’s 4. Then sort your chart on Order.

Demo (drag around sources; the change will apply on the next chart redraw, e.g. when you turn one group off and on again):

Note: this may conflict with whatever sorting you have already. You’ll have to be inventive to preserve the original sorting (e.g. by day) but also apply the sorting you want for color assignment.

UPD: Updated the formula for Order to try preserve the order of Hour of call as well.
However, as you can see, since there’s no 9 AM entries for TV ad group, it comes in last regardless of its position. So you still have to be inventive and somehow ensure that groups appear in the correct order for the chart to pick, e.g. by having fake entries in your table.