Coda now has charts <- Reactions?


I hope you got a chance to read the mail about the charts in Coda and try some out. Was looking for reactions -
What did you like?
What would you improve?

Coda now has charts.

Map trends. Spot outliers. Show those sales going up and to the right.

Think of charts as just another view of a table. The more visualizations you add, the better you can understand your data and help others understand it too.


Will charts make it to Coda?

I really like the charts, especially in combination with Zapier integrations (like tracking the trend of newsletter sign-ups or ebook sales). I noticed them about 2 weeks ago and tweeted “@coda_hq I like what you did there with the new “charts” menu. Either you haven’t announced it yet or I never noticed it before”. A few weeks earlier I was asked via email if I had “thoughts so far?” about Coda and one of my improvement ideas was to make chart creation a bit more intuitive because it wasn’t always that easy creating them with long and complex formulas for pie or bar charts. So I’m happy that my feedback has been implemented in this user friendly and interactive way.


They’re great. For line charts, and presumably others, it’d be preferable to have the text labels at bottom get longer rather than have an eclipses, to pop down beneath the bottom. Also to be able to choose the color of the line. Less urgent would be line style and, eventually, allow a plot to be changed by dragging the plot point it in chart view.

Really, this entire platform is fantastic. There are a few bumps left in the basics (search in grid view has a bug that’s lingered for months). And the aggregation functions need to work on text, like Excel. But I’m sure it will all be fixed. This is an MS Office killer.


They bring such a fresh look into docs and work perfectly as they should. I use them as a dashboard to provide a quick overview of project status or marketing data.

Sometimes I’d love to make them smaller and put two or even three next to each other, to get an even better overview of a project/campaign. As they are now views of tables, this might be a bigger change than it sounds, but it would be cool to place them on some kind of a grid, or make them resizeable to place two next to each other (currently possible with tables).


This is great for me.

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I like it a lot. It would be nice to have more options in the colors used, as well as just more options in general but that can come in time. Thank you so much for adding this, it has made a big difference for me.


I was thrilled to see them. They are a great addition and much easier to use than the piechart and barchart functions.

As far as improvements, I am echoing requests already made above. Ability to change the color of the lines or bars. Ability to change the size of the chart. Ability to place two or three charts next to one another as you would see in a bootstrap admin page.


Charts are a welcome addition and the initial interface is great.

On stacked bar and line area graphs, maybe others, it would be nice if the ordering I set for the different series of data was reflected on the graph. E.g. on both of those graph types, if I reorder the series, it doesn’t change which series is on the bottom vs. top of say, a stacked bar.

Am I missing something that lets me do this?


Totally on board with the idea of having the ability to make them smaller. It would be sweet if they could act like inline formulas in addition to the tables they already are. That way I could create a table full of charts and dynamically reference them

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I agree with this, I think that order of columns should be reflected in all interfaces. Normally, I would be concerned about this because it could create unexpected results (e.g. someone moves a row around and now you no longer recognize your data), but I think because of how easy it is to create Views this isn’t an issue.

Don’t want your graph affected by the order of the columns in your Table? Just create a View of that Table, order them how you please, and reference the View for your Chart. Now it will stay unchanged when the original Table needs to be modified.


For my part, I want Gantt charts to be zoomable like bubble charts are. It would be nice if there were indicators showing that there are more events outside my view when I’m really zoomed in, as well. I need too many multi year Gantt charts that also have fine grained weekly details. Some way to navigate those levels of specificity would be great.

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I agree for the Gantt charts zoom. I also would like to see different time zones in the same line (like grouping).

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Column ordering would be vital to the use case I’m thinking of. I can’t think where leaving them static – out of sync with the data – would be desirable (except maybe as an audit trail - but then you could just copy the data/chart and work on the copy).


You lucky guy, you get to hear from all of us


Thanks for reporting this! We overlooked this and are working on a fix.

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Trendline’s would be really nice in the bar and scatter charts. Also when you reorder the data that is graphed it has no impact on the chart.


@Shannon_Massingill This should be working, but there are some exceptions like if your non value axis are dates or numeric the order will be fixed to ascending (for layouts other than bar chart). If you still think the sort isn’t working as expected I’d love to take a look at a if you want to share the doc or small reproduction.

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