How to conditionally notify ourselves using a column formula?

Is there any formula that I can write for a column in my table which would notify myself if certain conditions are met for the row?

I need this notification to send a pre-defined text msg.

What am I planning to use it for:
We can’t disable certain cells based on earlier selections or data in other cells of that particular row. So instead of disabling, we can send notification to us if we input data in a cell that was supposed to be disabled or the cell that should not have accepted any input.

Hi Piyush,

I believe you’d be able to do this with a Button column. You could then set a conditional trigger for the button to be pressed via Automations.

  1. Create a button column in your table.
  2. Go into the button options and select “Notify”. Complete steps to set up button.
  3. Go to your doc settings and select Automations.
  4. Add a rule that is conditional to your requirement (ie. returns TRUE or FALSE when text is inputted into a field it shouldn’t have been) and set the action to press the row’s button.

Has that helped at all?

Hi Benjamin,
Yes I am aware that it can be done in automation way hence I specifically mentioned about a column formula.

Alas, Notify() cannot be used in a column formula nor a canvas formula.

It is an ‘Action’, so is only available inside a BUTTON.
And triggering the button needs to be done from an Automation.

From my observation (I have no official knowledge) the canvas formulas and column formulas are designed to be ‘pure functions’, that is to say they are not allowed to have ‘side-effects’; they may read values from other objects and compute a single result, but cannot change anything.

So side-effect functions such as Notify(), SetControlValue(), RunActions() and all the functions that can add, delete or modify rows , can only be used inside a Button or an Automation.


Thanks for your input. This was insightful :sparkles:

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