Need assistance with automation feature


I need assistance with one automation. Basically, I need Coda to notify specific user from the first column if in the second one is selected “Yes”. I’m ready with the automation, however, I need only the user for the specific row to be notified, not everyone :point_down:

As you can see the default formula will notify everyone from the first column. How can I create it to notify only the person in the row, that contains ‘Yes’?

Thank you in advance for your assistance. :pray:

in your If section, you need to reference Step 1 result and check that the value of the selection column is equal to “yes”, in this case the formula would be :

[Step 1 Result].[Column 5]="Yes"

and in the Then section, you need to specify which user, which also references the Step 1 result:

Notify([Step 1 Result].Name, "message")


Hey, @MBB :wave:

Thank you for your assistance. It works now as expected. :partying_face: Thank you once again :pray:

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Hi, @MBB,

Sorry to interrupt you again.

Do you know if I can create the same notification to trigger if it is today’s date? Should I use the same formula above and just replace “Yes” with “Today ()” :thinking:

It also worked for me, thanks for the solution.

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