90 day automated reminder

Trying to create an automation that notifies HR when people hit 90 days. However I’m having issues trying to trigger with a formula column. Is this not possible in Coda?

Try to put in if() condition in your automation that says:

“Hey Coda, only continue with this automation and notify if my 90 day column has in it todays date”

Aka: today().in(table.[90 day])

That formula will evaluate to true/false.

  • True if todays date is inside your column
  • False if todays date is NOT in your column

Then your notification can be individual per person OR a bulk notification that lists every person who hits 90 days on that day

Reach out if you need more help!


Hey Scott, thanks for the help.

I’m getting error messages at the moment…

I’ve tried a couple other configurations but still keep getting an error. :thinking:

It looks like you may have copy pasted my formula exactly - which wouldn’t have worked because I don’t have your specific table name

You have to use the actual table name with the 90 day column in it, and then chain out the 90 day column.

Always easier to help if you can share a dummy doc!

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haha, whoops.

I had entered my actual table and was still getting what I wrongly thought was an error. Instead the way it was configured was returning a false value because I hadn’t completed my table.

However I have now filled it out and my first automation in Coda worked splendidly. One step closer to migrating some airtables over to Coda.

Thanks again Scott.

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