Automation for Count Levels

I’m using Coda to track employee hours and would like to get reminders whenever certain employees reach particular milestones. I know that Coda’s automations can’t be triggered by row changes that aren’t modified manually, so I’m wondering if anyone has suggestions for a work-around. Any thoughts?

Hi @Joel_Baerg,

maybe it might sound a bit obvious, but what about having a timely report (e.g. twice per day) on this, instead of a data-event based trigger?

This way you could run the automation and just send the message if those thresholds are accomplished.
Let me know if it makes sense for you.

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Yeah, I understand what you are saying, but I’m trying to track milestones that don’t happen very often so I don’t want to be checking every day. For example, most employees will only reach a milestone about every five months, so I’d really like it automated so I just get notified when it happens.

I would still lean towards the time-based setup that @Federico_Stefanato mentioned. You can set this to run once a week and use columns that include “Year” and “WeekNumber”, then a column for “Notification Sent”.

Running once a week brings the number of automations down quite a bit.

@BenLee , I may have to do that. I had just hoped not to have to. Thanks though.