Automation freqency

How frequent do automations on row changed run?

I’m using automation to log status changes so that I have a running history of changes.

I do this with two columns “Status” and “Pre-Log Status”.

  1. User changes the “Status” column directly.
  2. Automation runs on changes to “Status”.
  3. If “Status” != “Pre-Log Status”, then add a row to the log table.
  4. Update the “Pre-Log Status” = “Status”.

Hey @Ed_Wei !

Automations using the Row Changed trigger will run immediatley* (Read on for Asterik

When a row-changes that would trigger your automation a little “Automation Minion” will be sent directly to Coda’s server to enact your automation. I imagine the minions to look like this:

Once that Minion reaches Coda’s servers they essentially wait in line with all the other Automation Minions from around the world to enact your automation.

So at times your row-changed automation may take 3 seconds to trigger - and at other points it can take up to 15-20 seconds (in my experience)

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