How fast are the automation rules supposed to be triggered?

I have added an automation rule that post a message to slack when the state of a row changes to Done. Testing it works fine, but it seems to be a long delay for it to trigger when I change a row in the doc. If I recall correctly I think the triggering was almost immediate when I tried this a couple of weeks back, has something changed or is it that row based triggers are run on a schedule?

Our apologies for the delays that you observed here. We had a bug which caused some of the API requests to get queued behind other work in the system resulting in longer than expected processing times.

The issue was identified and fixed yesterday. It should get deployed today.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention; we appreciate it.


Ok, so everything should happen immediately if it works as expected, and if things doesn’t work the events will be queued up and processed later?

Looks like it is working better and is more stable today.

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for me as of today row change trigger is really slow: around 10 seconds