Automation triggers new row

Hi everyone,

I have an automation that is triggered when there is a change in a row, as shown in the picture below


The table has about 15 columns, and 5 of them triggers the bot to change the column “status_rule”. So if I change the column “Date Begin”, “Difficulties”, “Status_task” etc, then the value of the column “status_rule” is changed to “to_update”.

The issue is, the bot is triggered each time a new row is added. The bot, however, should only trigger the rule when a specific value in one of the five columns is changed.

I use a button to add new row, and doing so lead very quickly to the automation limit… Even with a pro version (500 automations)

Is there any tricks or different way to prevent the bot to be triggered when a new row is added, but instead when a value in a given column changes (ie the column “Difficulties”)?