The row is changes when the date is today

Hello community! I have a question
I need to do such automation:
It is necessary to determine whether the specified date is today or not. If it is today, then change the status.
Could you please help me how to do this automation?


There are plenty of date formulas in Coda - one of which is Today()

You can simply write this formula in your status column:

  • if(dateColumn = today(), “it is today!” , “it is not today”)

If you want an automation to change it specifically, you can do an automation like this:

When: time-based day automation
Then: table.filter(dateColumn=today()).modifyRows(statusColumn, “it is today!”)

Essentially what that automation does is every day it will filter your table and find only the rows where your date column is today.

Then, it will adjust all those statuses

Thank you Scott a lot!!! It helps;)

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