Custom date update function

I want to add an date on specific condition and date should not get changed until that same condition occurs

eg: if status is set to deferred then in one column date should come of today.
if status gets changed then also the same date should get continued

Hi Jaikumar and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Would something like this work? It uses automation to detect the Deferred status and set the date column accordingly. The only drawback to automation is that it isn’t immediate so you have to wait a few seconds for the change to happen.

Click the “robot head” to get the automation. It looks like this:

Thanks Nick for your reply, i had tried creating rule but the rule only catches first row of the table.

In my use case row status can be changed anywhere

Hi Jaikumar, if you click on “Open in Coda” in my example above you can see how I did it. My example works with any row. :slight_smile: