CRM: Updating column date when status changes

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to update a column with a date when the status of any deal within my CRM changes (for example, if the status changes from “Engaged” to “Meeting Scheduled”, I want the column “Schedule Date” to update with the date when the change happened).

I’ve been trying with the following formula:

IF(thisRow.Status=[AnyValueWithinStatus] ,thisRow.Status.Modified(),"")

The thing is, when I change the status for that same record (for example, I move the deal from Meeting Scheduled to Won), the “Schedule Date” goes away and a date record is created in the “Won date” column.

For more context, here’s a screenshot:

The end result would be: each row for each column will have the date where the status change happened.

Thank you!

Solved this with the automations feature, gonna share it if someone finds value out of it:

Step 1

Create a new automation that triggers when a value in a row changes

Step 2

Within the IF, write the following formula:

thisRow.[Step 1 Result].Status=[YourValue]

Step 3

Within the THEN, write the following formula:

ModifyRows(thisRow.[Step 1 Result], [YourTable].[YourColumn], Today())

This does exactly what I wanted, it updates the date column every time the status changes and doesn’t erase the date if the deal status changes again.

Hope it helps!

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