Mark multiple dates

I want to make it so when I change the status of a task it automatically records different dates. How would I do this?

When status moved to in progress - record date “in progress” column. When status moved to complete - record new date in “completed” column - without overwriting the in progress date.

I’ve gotten it to auto-fill but when I change the state it from in progress to completed it removes the in progress date and adds the completed date, it doesn’t keep both.

You would need to add a button to do status management. Every time you click the button, it advances the status, and at the same time it updates the date into the relevant column.

I usually keep them as a kanban board, there’s no way to replicate that with the drag and drop functionality?

No, because if you want to save the date of change for later, you will need to store it in separate columns, or write a formula to append them.

Alternatively, you could write an automation that will detect when the row is changed, and then copy the date to the relevant column.

Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to answer

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