Timestamp when a field changes status to completed

Hi there,

In my table i have several functions that change the status field to “complete”. Whenever that happens I would like to timestamp the date in the ‘task completed date’ field.

Does anyone have any suggestions of how I might address this?



You can do this in two ways; a static time stamp, or a formulaic time stamp.

If you want the time stamp to be static, ie you can edit it at a later time, you would want to set up an automation. This will automatically run any time the status is changed, but only gets through the filter if the status = completed

The other way is with a formulaic column which you cannot edit in the cell later.

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When you say you have multiple functions that change the status field, what are we talking about? Buttons? Automations? Is the status field itself a formula?

Formula fields cannot trigger automations unfortunately.

Hi @Andy_Farquharson,

you can also try adding that action to the buttons you have with the RunActions()-formula.


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