Trying to set complete date from status change

Here is a video of what I am trying to do.

Hi @Marni_Melrose - thanks for the video but it is little hard to see what is going on - could you share the doc here or with support! and we can try to help.

Hi @Marni_Melrose, Instead of using automation, why not a simple if statement - if(Status = “Complete”, Today(), “”)?

This way any change in status is immediately reflected in the “Complete” column.

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I think I figured out your issue.

Your “Then” step is doing a logic test, instead of modifying the data.

I figured out how to do the same setup on my project just now and this is my Then statement:
ModifyRows(thisRow.[Step 1 Result], [Master Task List].Completed, Today())

So I THINK this would work for your document:
ModifyRows(thisRow.[Step 1 Result], [Step 1 Result].Complete Date, Today())

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Thanks I finally figured that out too.

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