Record date of row being marked as complete with checkbox?

I’m starting to build more of our internal project management off of Coda - really really enjoying it thus far. A thought that I had this morning was to attempt a burndown chart of outstanding tasks in a simple to do list, but I’m stuck trying to figure out how to record a date entry when a checkbox is ticked "i.e. marked complete).

Does anyone have any advice? I need to dig waaay more into the script functions available in Coda, but my precursory browsing hasn’t quite dug up what I need.


Maybe a column with modified on date?

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Hmm, that would work, although wouldn’t be very fool proof, as modified would be ticked by any type of change. It’d be really easy to accidentally screw with the data set.

Use a formula on this column like Checkbox.Modified
It should give you only the checkbox state change.


That makes sense - I’ll give it a try soon! Thank you!

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Any success?
I can’t seem to get it to work myself.

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You can make it work by using the following formula:


In this case, my checkbox column is called “Resolved” and I put this formula in the “Resolve date” column.

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Btw, you should be able to use buttons to do this now. Instead of a checkbox, create a button to mark something as complete and have it both log the time and change the state.