Enter todays date in column when task marked complete

Trying to brainstorm how to approach this formula…

I have a tasks table with a checkbox column to determine completion… the intent is to record when the task was actually marked complete so i can then create a variation column to determine the amount of days passed the planned task end date…

Any ideas?

Hi Juan,

Have you considered using a button column. You can program the button column to update an “Time of completion” column in the same row.

Here’s some helper images:
Button Configuration: https://cl.ly/3y3W0Y0b3t2Z/Image%202018-08-14%20at%202.09.14%20PM.png

Button Interaction: https://cl.ly/1G1z2w2f0T00/Screen%20Recording%202018-08-14%20at%2002.11%20PM.gif


@Juan_Rey - as @preeyanka said, a button is best.

If for whatever reason you don’t want to use a button, you can get similar functionality with a checkbox “complete” and then a “Date Completed” column: =if(complete, complete.modified(), "")

In this case, if the box is checked, we return the most recent time of modification. Otherwise, we return blank. I imagine that the only benefit this has over a button is about one minute of setup and tuning time, while you can do much more interesting things with buttons.