Generating a burndown chart from completed checkboxes?

Hey, Everyone,

This is a bit of a strange one.

So, I have a page with a bunch of checkboxes that I cut and paste from elsewhere, like this:

First question is, how do I count the number of checkboxes in total and then how do I count the number of checkboxes that have been checked?

This leads to the second question.

I want to show a burndown chart that displays where they are in the progression of checking off the checkbox items as the month progresses, and how that relates to the trend line. Something like this:


The red line would be the trend line, and I would like to update the burndown every day to indicate how many checkboxes are left to be completed and how that relates to the trend line.

How can I do this in Coda?


For example :ok_hand:

you can use 2 tables.


Thanks, @Math_24! Is there a way I can clone this page so I can play with it?

A few questions:

What is the purpose of the Last Update column in the first table?

Is there a way to automatically update the second table to update every day with the total number of completed items?

I would like this to be as automated as possible as I am implementing this for a large number of different Coda docs.


OK i send. You can duplicate.

Last Update change if u check the row.
And table Chart count row check by day

Thanks, @Math_24! A few other questions:

  • In Chart Day, how do you calculate the Target column. It seems that this should be the total number of checkboxes broken out across the month. Is there a formula you can use to calculate this for the the full table to break down the daily target equally across the month?

  • Is there a way to convert the day number at the bottom of the chart to a date within a date range. For example, if I expand this to 90 days, and I specify in the doc that Month 1 is ‘April’ and Month 3 is ‘June’, can I display that day 35 would be 5th May?

  • Finally, is there a way to flip the chart so the trend line goes from the top left down to the bottom right?


I update doc. If you have any question :wink:

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