How to continue conversation with Chatgpt?

It seems like the chatgpt building blocks in Coda are more geared toward “done and gone” usage where I tell it what I want and it outputs it

Is there any way to continue the conversation with the previous output history in mind/cache? Or is this something I would have to self build?

Thanks - jake

Something you’d need to build yourself Jake.

You can use a button to store the current convo in a table and then use the RefreshAssistant formula to generate a new convo. You could also feed it past convos from that table to help simulate the conversation being moved forward. But it’s nothing close to what a chatgpt convo history would be like.

hi @Jake_Nguyen1 ,

keeping track of history is indeed important and as @Harry_Roper wrote, you need to create a table yourself. I created one you find via this blog:

you can copy the doc and use it as you see fit, however as I wrote in the blog, I believe that Coda should solve this for us in the application. Adding AI to Coda without using the powerful options Coda provides us, is a missed opportunity to set Coda apart from others.

Cheers, Christiaan


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