How to convert number to words in Coda? SpellNumber

Hi everyone,

Do you have any quick solution if you have a column of numeric values in a table, and now you need to convert them to their equivalent English words?

Thanks for your help.

Hi @HelloWorld :slight_smile:
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You mean something like “123” -> “one hundred twenty three”? :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure that no formula in coda can do that. And without external services the only option i can suggest is to create a reference table that work something like that
1 - one
2 - two
Ecc :sweat_smile:

And then basically you have to teach to a formula how to count, with the english logic, like 23 is twenty + three :smiley:

Or if you find a service that work with " url" you can build and pass that value :slight_smile:

But yeah i’m sure that if you need to teach a formula to count to infinite you will loose too much time :joy:
Let’s wait for some other suggestion :blush:


Hi @HelloWorld
I tried the google translator on web, and after adding a number in it, it gave me that what you need.
Coda has google translator pack, but i think it is in PRO pricing plan.
I m on free plan, but someone else can try this solution, if it is working.



Hi @Tomas_Sebes,
That was clever.

Unfortunately I just tried and - well “123” in English is… “123” :slight_smile:

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When you on the web translate from one language to another it gives you number in words.
Try other language to english.


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Hi @Tomas_Sebes,
I did try: I hoped for the same and played around with different source/target languages.
Still 123…

I guess that the Google service via web offers much more that the API translation Pack - and I’m not surprised.


Hello everyone, i have an update!
(p.s. nice try @Tomas_Sebes that could be a cool hack! )

I’ve found this website, that is literally the first google result, that works with parameters passed by url composition, it works like that

Where 1234 can be changed to whatever number you need and it convert it to a word, the problem is that then you have to extract from the webpage that word, and i have no idea in how to do that, but as seen that @Federico_Stefanato in already in there maybe he could help us :grin: :blush:

I’m always in the mood of recreating the algorithm in coda and then who need it could just copy that doc, but someone then have to do it practically :sweat_smile:

If you need it to reach idk 100 or 1000 i can do it, but further can become more “problematic” but is just a speculation because maybe is not that hard :grin:

Second update: it should not be that hard, i’ve also find already a guide for all non-english speaker that divide the process in steps
Federico ci pensi tu? :grin: :sweat_smile: :star_struck:


Hi everyone,
Thanks for your messages and support - very much appreciated all the good ideas :+1: :+1:

I had the same issue on Google Sheet, and this is the script I used via Script Editor:

Now the question is how to make this work on Coda? :nerd_face:
Looking forward to your comments.
Thanks again for your help :grin: