Need help convert Number to text eg 100 to one hundred

Hello. I need some help to formulate number to text. I know there’s a pack NumbertoWord. but i can’t use it because it is only convert to english. I need to do it in my Language ,Thai. Anybody could guide me on how to create this. I just need some guideline on formula

Funnily enough, I’d do this with Coda AI for any language. It’s easier to ask the language model than to come up with an algorithm for this.

The prompt is, e.g.

Spell the number @Number in Thai. Include only the spelling words without any explanation text.

Not sure if Thai is correct; Ukrainian (my language) is correct though.


Thanks @Paul_Danyliuk . I have tried translation and Ai. However both of them got it wrong.
From you 3 example
the first one got it right,
the second one translate it from English numeric to Thai numeric ,not word.
the third one is incorrect that it say one,two,three,four,five,six … instead of one hundred twenty-three million…

Well, it’s more art than science for now. Certainly you can tweak it. Is this better?

I made a better prompt but it still didn’t get the 123456789 right (judging by my checks with Google Tranlsate). So another thing worth trying was doing it in two steps: with one column you ask the AI to spell it in English (does an okay job there) and then in another column you take the English spelling and translate it to Thai.

I updated the doc embedded in my previous reply, if you want to check the prompts.

You could also try the number to word pack, and then send the results through Google translate with this pack:

The various combinations of AI and packs are probably the way to go, but before totally throwing out the idea of a formula, do you have a specific range of numbers that you need to translate into words?

How regular is Thai in how you put numbers into words? For example, English is rather irregular for numbers 0-20, but after 20 the vocabulary settles down and becomes somewhat regular. Other languages are even more regular. Depending on how regular the language is and your range of values, a formula might be able to work.

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