How to count days in a month between 2 dates?

Hello. I have a table with the fields “Starting Date”, “End Date”, “August” and “September”.
In one record I have the “Starting Date” as 25-08-2019 (August, 25) and the “End Date” as 09-09-2019 (September, 9).
On the fields “August” and “September” I would like to have a formula that, based on this date range, would tell me: “how many days are booked in August” and “how many days are booked in September”.
Any ideas how to do this?
Thanks everyone.

Could you share a sample doc? It would help me understand what you’re working with.

Hello @cnr, here is the link for the doc explaining a bit better what’s the idea:

Ok, it’s done. Definitely harder than I thought it would be. So, perhaps there are other people that can do it better than I (very likely).

I wrote the essential elements in the doc itself if you want to understand what the hell is going on.

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Hello @cnr, thank you very much.
Your ideia of using the formula “EndOfMonth” is brilliant.
I’ll do now the integration on my main file.
I hope to can help you also with something you need in the future.
Have a nice day!

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So happy to do it! Have a great one!

Hey, is it possible to use calendar/timeline representation of same doc and set dates via timeline/calendar or Gant view? (means visual representation of booked dates)