How to design Coda database (for newbies!)

Hi, everyone!

I’m working on database design in CODA, but I’m a little bit confused.

I always know that databases that have a many-to-many relationship always require a junction table to normalize and do some calculation since most databases can’t accept array of list of data.

but CODA can holds a list of data in one column, and can iterate calculation into every data in the list, and adding or removing data in the list is also very easy, very easy that I think I don’t have to use a junction table and everything still work just fine.

So, I’m a little bit confused that when I design CODA database, is it still require a junction table to normalize many-to-many relationship database, or just link rows and code a bunch of iteration formulas to do all the calculation instead?

Hi @Wichuda_Sirithana
and welcome to Coda Community! :handshake:

While a relational approach helps a lot in data modelling in Coda (and I tend to emphasise it especially for people used to work on spreadsheets), it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be a strict approach.

As you correctly pointed out, in Coda you can easily work with collection columns.

Whether or not to rely on this feature or to build up a proper decoupling cross table, it really depends on your use case.
Feel free to share your sample - in case you have a concrete one - and let’s see what are pros and cons.

I hope this helps.