How to find status most recently created

I have a table called “Projects” and a table called “Statuses”. On the Statuses table I have a field that relates back to the Projects table. On the Projects table, I have created a formula field that I want to display only the status that is the most recently created.

Anyone know how to write this formula?

You could create a column “Created on” and “Modified on” and use date filter or sort it or use conditional formatting formula.

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You probably got it already, but for anyone else looking at this later, here are two equivalent formulas to make it work:

  thisRow.Status.Filter([Row ID]=Max(thisRow.Status.[Row ID]))
  thisRow.Status.Sort(true, Statuses.Created).Last()

Of course the field could be Row ID, Created On, Modified On, or whatever you consider the “last/latest” to be.

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Solved! Thank you! :zap::fire:

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