How to find the current page name using formula

I am using a button to duplicate the page. I setup one template with filter. New page is having a name of the filter I am using. Now to make every thigh dynamic I need to pass the page name as a filter. But I am unable to find any way to pass the page name in filter Dynamically. So, Is there any work around to find the page name or pass the filter value on click?

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Thank you so much for sharing this. I made a table to explain

Please find the document below

I made the 2 tables

One is for projects and other is for task.

Now I want to make inner pages for task and I am looking for solution to show task in duplicate page related to that project.

Can you please explain how following formula is working


Did this part not answer your question?


Thanks for explanation. But its not working for me. I am unable to use the current page with ToText()

Here’s my solution from my yesterday’s secret Patreon stream (by the way feel free to check it out :slight_smile: Coda Tricks is creating tutorials about making awesome Coda docs | Patreon)

at 3:12:30 roughly I’m implementing a setup where I’m duplicating pages and applying different filter settings to each page automatically through canvas controls (SetControlValue)

The idea is:

  1. Have a control (text, lookup etc) on your page that’s getting duplicated
  2. First set a value on that control
  3. Then duplicate the page. You get copies of all controls populated with those values, and everything in the page that referenced the original controls now references those copied controls.

But to answer your question, there’s no way to get thisPage or anything about current page in Coda at the moment. This here is a workaround.


Nice work! I’ve been waiting for this functionality.

What do you think about offering this as a mega trick? It’s super useful to be able to create a pattern that duplicates a page and sets it up with custom data specific for that page. I do something similar for my weekly meeting docs

Nice work! I will try to use this workaround. Also, can we make a single page on button click instead of making all the pages in One go?