How to format dates inside a formula syntax?

Hi Codaers,

I wanted to pull the first date (older one) on a table to use it as a document formula:

I write “You have done X since and use =TableName.DateColumnName.min()“ and it works perfectly giving me the smaller date (oldest).

What i need is formatting the formula and extracting just the Month name and the year to have something like this: “ You have done X since MonthName YearName

Any clues?

Use MonthName() and Year().

@Stefan_Singer thank you, that’s not what I was exactly asking for as I needed a nested formula. I have solved in this way:

A) Named a formula with tablename.datacolumn.min in the bottom of the doc
B) applied the syntax referencing to the formula name.

I’m not sure I follow. What I meant was something like:

CONCAT("You have done X since ", 
  " " , 

Which gives exactly what you stated in your question.

Screenshot from one of my tables:>

Perfect, I was missing that you always have to specific the table and the related data point for every formula argument! Now it’s working perfectly.
Thank you so much, I solved!

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