How to generate uuid? any uuid()?

How to generate uuid? any uuid()?

Hi @Kepler_Liu,
unfortunately there is no UUID formula at this stage.

I don’t know what is your use case, but maybe this could be relevant:

In Table, use Split(thisRow + "", "/").Last() to get the uuid of that row.
But in formular, can I generate the uuid by compositing some functions?

as said, outside of that context, at this moment no programmatic generation of UUID is available.

If you can share your specific use case, maybe there are some useful workarounds.

I want to send http request to my server, which the params of the url supports ?id=uuid.
While Coda is not supporting http request, I use Image(url) as http request pack.

I would like to turn my doc into dashboard. I can trigger workflow of my backend server from the button.

Saw myself mentioned here. I remember I solved something similar here: