How to ignore or remove middle name/initial

Could use your input.
Working with 2 table of customer data to match names. One has middle name info.
How do I edit the formula in Table 1-cars owned to match and return value of cars in table 2.
Here’s the sample coda doc.
*Alternative solution how do I write a formula in table 1 eliminating the middle initial?

Thanks in advance.

Not the same but closely related so it might help:

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Hi Mina,
Hopefully this can help :blush:

Also note that the First Name and Last Name formulas in this doc are not the same as the one posted by @Dalmo_Mendonca because that solution included all the First Names if there were multiple, which may not be what you wanted, so I modified it in the linked Coda


Thanks @cnr that solved it. Many thanks for the break down as well! :pray:t5:

Thanks @Dalmo_Mendonca for the reference. Couldn’t quite work, but a good one to keep in my back pocket non the less.

Happy to help :smile: