How to Link Column names to row names

I am seeking to recreate an old spreadsheet in a more useful manner on Coda.

I want to make the phases in grey as their own table so additional information can be stored for each phase.

If the document had only a single phase value, this would be simpler (I could put the Draft, Finalize, Update as the column header and list the appropriate phase as a drop down) but its status can carry across multiple phases so using a dropdown of phase names in a single column doesn’t feel appropriate.


Ideally I could state that this row contains all cases where a row in the other table has a value matching the column name displayed… something like: [RACI Table].Filter([thisRow.Name.ToText()].Contains(F))

Probably need a redesign of the tables and any help is appreciated.

How about a table with columns for DocName, Status and Phase. You can then filter as you need.

If you would like to see the phases in separate columns, create a new table. In the new table you then have a column for each phase. E.g. a column for inQueue, and filter for InQueue docs. And a column for Concept, and filter where Phase = Concept.

I use something similar for financials. I have all my transactions in a single table, with columns for amount, date and expense. The I create a new table with columns for each month, and filter().sum(). In your case I assume you would not .sum(), but .bulletedList, or maybe.count()?

It takes some practise to unlearn Excel sheet structures, and replace them with Coda structures, but once you get the hang of it, Bob’s your uncle!

Hope that gives you some ideas.

Yeah, I looked at that, the issue is the different phases have different statuses for the documents and a document can carry the same status across multiple phases.

I’ve run into this before similarly to your date example where I wanted to track dates as columns and tasks as rows and then be able to count what the total number of ongoing tasks were on an individual date. Ultimately had to create a table of just the dates and then add a formula in to check what tasks began before and ended after the date…

I could pull it off with some lookup values and switch statements but that’s pretty hard coded and not ideal.

Really trying to figure a way to select and filter column in one table based on the row in another in a dynamic way so I can write (1) formula and it address all current and future cases vs create something with tech debt and maintenance.

thisRow.Name.Contains(“In Queue”),
[RACI Table].Filter([In Queue].Contains(D)),


This will work but is ugly. I’ve tried “withname” before and it doesn’t play nice:

[RACI Table].Filter(Phase.Contains(D))

Because it doesn’t recognize “Phase” as a valid column identifier.

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