How to make a list of rows on a table available for every user and average the results on rows and columns of all users

Hi everybody, I’m new to Coda this is my firstpost!!

so I hope I’m doing things right… any feedback on how to post correctly will be great!

I want people to answer a set of questions with a slider giving a score with a number from 0 to 100
Then the average from the score column of every user, will be gathered and calculated as average for all scores of users of that list questions. How to do this?? and how to average the score of every question of all users??

I haven’t been able to assign all questions to every user, I tried the group function but doesn’t let me have all users individually on the people column…

How can I do that??

Here’s the doc…

Thanks in advance for your help!!


Dear @Juan_Carlos_Pellegrino,

Great initiative to drop your question in the Coda community. :handshake:

It all has to do with the design of your information and your expectations on the outcome.

I suggest this will set you in the right direction, if not feel free to come back

Hey!! Thank you so much!

I’m gonna try to build it again with that structure, It would be super helpful if you could grant me full access on the page you did so that I can understand the relations between tables…



Dear @Juan_Carlos_Pellegrino,

Just open the doc and make a copy as in the screenshot below:


With the copy you can do whatever you like to, and the formulas will become visible!

Great!! didn’t know that!!!

Thank you so much!!

here’s what I normally do!! Systema Solar

Hope you’ll like it!


Dear @Juan_Carlos_Pellegrino,

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