How to make a lookup with multiple filters to return multiple dates

I got stumped with a lookup / filter issue. I feel like this should be simple but I just hit a wall.

I have two tables:

a. Purchase Orders table which has the following:

  • Items
  • Locations
  • Arrival Date

b. Current Inventory table which has

  • One row for each item
  • location of the inventory

I’m trying to create a lookup from the inventory table that will populate a column with the dates that inventory item will be replenished.

So, inventory table needs to lookup the PO table and match the Item and Location and display only the dates in the future (as I don’t need to see dates for already received POs).

The field might display multiple dates if there are several POs for the same item on order.

Can anyone help with the lookup & filter script for this?
I made a simplified view of this.

Hello @Dominic_Symons!
Would you mind changing your permission settings like this:
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I accepted your access request and also changed the settings to make this fully editable by everyone. Let me know if that worked and thanks in advance for looking into this for me!


Hi @Dominic_Symons.

Please, have a look at the column in the example you provided.
However, the formula should be:
[Purchase Orders].Filter([PO Items]=thisRow.Items && [Ship To Location]=thisRow.Locations).[Arrival of goods]

Let me know if this is what you meant and/or you need further help.

That’s exactly it, even better than I expected as you even formatted it as a list. Thanks so much!

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