How to query the API every 20 items?

How to query the API every 20 items. In the first call I receive items 1 to 20, in the second from 21 to 40 and so on. How to proceed?

Hi @Romulo_Oliveira_de_Farias - The list endpoints in the API have a limit parameter you can use to limit how many items come back in each response. The response will also include a nextPageToken field if there are more items to fetch, and you can pass that value in the pageToken parameter of the next request to fetch the next batch of items.

You can read more about the behavior of the list endpoints in the API docs:

Additionally, you can refer to this older community post for some sample code showing what this pattern looks like:

Note if you are not using a client library it may be easier to use the nextPageLink value in the response instead, since you can make a request to that URL as-is to get the next page of results.