How to remove from multiselect

how to remove from multiselect:
I have a table with 2 columns, the second column is a multiselect and I would like the multiselect to uncheck the values of the first column. How could I do this?
thank you so much.

Hey there!

Can you clarify? In very unsure of what you are trying to do.

Yes, of course, let’s imagine that we have two columns, one of clients with a select and another of groups of clients with multiple selections, I want to make a third column, with a button that, when pressed, the client that is in the first column is deselected (if it is is selected) from the second column. Basically I want to remove it from the multiselect. thank you

This video should give you some basic knowledge about how select-lists, multi select lists, etc work

But that video specifically covers adding values to a select list.

In order to extract from a select list you are going to need to:

  1. Find out where (sequentially) the target value is inside of a list
  2. Delete it from the list using Splice

How to find a value
You will find a value using, well, Find(). Heres some documentation

How to delete a value from a list
You will use the formula Splice(). Heres some documentation as well

If you share an example doc Im happy to help troubleshoot!

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