How to separate lookup "tags"

Hi everyone, I’m new to Coda here. I ran into a question when trying to display my table in a graph.

For a column, I’ve selected the format to be “Lookup” and I’ve also allowed “Allow Multiple Selections”.

Let’s say for my lookup table, I’ve made different color “tags” - red, blue, yellow, green, purple. For my column, since I allow multiple selection, some rows will have multiple “tags” yellow, green.
When I tried to visualise my data, yellow, green will become its own category. Is it possible to separate them back to tracking only yellow or only green? I’m trying to make a piechart and want to separate the multiple selections, so each selection is an individual category. Thank you!

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Hey there! Welcome to Coda and the Coda community! You can definitely do this. See my example document below.

Essentially, you are going to create a new table that will display as your graph that is not the table you are making the selections in. I chose it to be the initial lookup table itself and wrote this formula:

Then display that table as the pie chart

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Thank you, Scott! It works!

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