How to split payload in a single button execution / Solution for "Attempted to make a modification that is too large. (Reduce to proceed.)"

Hi everybody,
I’m trying to [modify/press a button on] 2000+ rows at once, but I keep getting the error “Attempted to make a modification that is too large. (Reduce to proceed.)”.

I used to be able to use
or some form of pagination using,
for example Sequence(1,2000, 100). Formumap etc,
but now it seems that no matter what I try I keep getting the name error.
I can only get it to work if do the pagination MANUALLY, by manually clicking the button, waiting for the completion, and pressing again , and again…

Is there a workaround?
How to can paginate the execution so that the whole execution can started by simply clicking a single button?
Thank you

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