AddorModify removed from FormulaMap()?

Sorry, some months ago since visiting the community.
Wondering if the adding or modify rows function was removed from the formulamap?

Nope! You can run addOrModify() actions inside a formulaMap() loop, but it must be done inside of a button.

If you were trying to access the addOrModify() formula outside of a button, it won’t work as it’s an action formula. All action formulas are only available in buttons.

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Thanks @Scott_Collier-Weir this is “new” then :slight_smile:

It shouldn’t be! I’ve been on coda for close to 6 years now and action formulas have only ever been available inside buttons.

What exactly are you trying to do or where have you seen the ability to add/modify outside of a button?

The only other place you can access action formulas is in automations, but those mimic buttons without a visible user-pressable button

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Could be, nevermind. Just added the formula to a button, can’t even remember if this was so before :smiley:

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Its kinda shame they decided to “limit” formulas in that way and you are forced to use button as a “workaround”. Using addormodify() or modifyrow() inside a forEach (formulaMap) is prefect viable use case. I mean its not a big deal, since we can have it work with buttons but it feels its necessary to have to add another column, and button and safeguard for user not to click that button when its not needed etc.

Again not that big problem but still :smiley:

Just wondering, how would you go about triggering an action, if not with a button?


Eh, actually you can forget about my comment. I was reding from a phone and totally misunderstood the question + I didn’t quite articulate my idea correctly, nor it is connected with OPs question now that I have looked at it again. So lets just pretend its not there :slight_smile:

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