FormulaMap to addormodify table rows

Hi All,

I have a button and it will add or modify all rows from one table to another table. I used FormulaMap to achieve this. PFB the formula

Opportunities.FormulaMap(AddOrModifyRows(Engagements, [Opportunity Name].Contains(Opportunities.Opportunity.Name), Engagements.[Company Name], Opportunities.[Account Name], Engagements.Amount, Opportunities.Amount, Engagements.[Close Date], Opportunities.Closedate))

I used the @currentvalue variable to iterate the opportunity object as below

Opportunities.FormulaMap(AddRow(Engagements, [Opportunity Name] ,[Opportunity Name].Contains(currentValue.Opportunity.Name), Engagements.[Company Name], CurrentValue.[Account Name], Engagements.Amount, CurrentValue.Amount, Engagements.[Close Date], CurrentValue.Closedate))

But since I have one more iteration of Engagements table inside, the currentValue variable now only has Engagement table object not the opportunity table object.

Please let me know how I can achieve my functionality. Thanks in Advance.


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Hi @Elam_Jaybal :blush: !

Would you mind sharing a sample/mock-up doc of your actual setup and what you’re trying to achieve… here with us :innocent: ?
This would help us to better see the situation to give you an appropriate potential solution :blush:
(Otherwise, all we can do is playing the guessing game… which could still help you though, but it might take a longer time)


Hi There,

That is my mistake. I used formula something like this Opportunities.FormulaMap(Engagements.AddOrModifyRows([Opportunity Name].Contains(Name),[Opportunity Name], Name,Amount, Amount,[Company Name], [Account Name], [Close Date], Closedate)) and resolved.

Thanks for your help


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