Editing a list inside of a cell makes it no longer a list

To be honest I’m not sure if this is a bug or if I’m doing something incorrectly. I have a list of numbers stored in a cell to which additional items are added with a button formula using ListCombine(). This works fine, but when I go in and try to edit the list (e.g. to remove an erroneous addition to the list), the list becomes text, and breaks formulas that use the list. Is there a way to keep this from happening?

I think a potential long term solution would be to have an “Array” column type, but I’m sure this would create other complexities.

hi @Jacob_Fisher ,

I cannot see what is happening exactly, but in case you use a button, the outcome is always plain text

if you use a FormulaMap function then the outcome is not editable, see below:

Did you consider using List() instead of ListCombine()

Cheers, Christiaan

Hey Christian, thanks for helping me out with this. I’m building a weight training doc, and the button takes a value from a “Lifts Logged” table and appends it to a list in the cell corresponding to that lift in a table containing the different lifts. I’m doing this usingListCombine() inside of a FormulaMap.

I guess I didn’t know that the output from FormulaMap isn’t editable, but that makes sense. After some more messing around with it, I just replaced the functionality of the button with a lookup from the main lifts table back to the “Lifts Logged” table.

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Good to read it worked out for you. Any formula outputs a value you cannot alter manually.
Sometimes we uses buttons to create in other tables the same values (as text) we then can alter in that table, an example you can find in my blog overhere.

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