How to summarize data from different row

Hello, on the following image you’ll see 3 different names in “comedien” and on the right a number of “take” associated.

So i’d like to summarize those datas in a new tab but showing only one comedian name with the total number of takes on another column.


Adrien Caminada. 102 (12+34+56)

Basically a chart can do that but i need to have it in a table. I tried to put it in a chart and then in a table but it didnt work at all

If anyone have any advice that would be nice thanks

Dear @Maxime_Montoya,

I suggest to spend a few minutes watching this video, to understand the logic to get a summary.

Of course if needed, get back to us.

Thanks a lot for your answer. Indeed the video allowed me to find the formula to sum the number by person. But I still can’t find out how to summarize the names in one row per name.

You are welcome @Maxime_Montoya

Please find in the embedded doc a sample how you can do that in two ways, depending on preference or usecase


Once again thanks a lot for you answer but actually what i’m looking for it’s the opposite of what you did in the first example : this table

should become this table :

Unfortunately the grouping column is not what im looking for.

i’m sorry for bein annoying but it’s been hours that i’m looking for a formula for the names which im sure is pretty simple but i can’t find a way to do it.

I’ve tried : Table.Comedien.Unique() ; Table.comedien.listcombine().unique()… but it’s just make a list of every comedian in every row

Dear @Maxime_Montoya,

From what is visible in the screenshots, it’s not clear how in the summary “Adrien Caminada”, has 48 takes, while in the table above are only 2 instances for “Adrien Caminada” visible, take 4 and take 2.

As far as I can judge it has to do with the data structure, the “comedien” are the names you can take from and when you want to assign takes, you need a new table where you record each take, as one “comedien” can have multiple takes.

To avoid misunderstandings, kindly share your doc in the community to avoid confusion.

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