How to unpack a list to another table

Hello guys!

I’m creating a database for my company.

Emails and Names are stored in lists.
In the Database section you can see a button.
When a user hits it, I want coda to add new rows to the section “Contact list”
The number of new rows should be equal to the number of items in the list.
And the list should be unpacked to appropriate columns “Name” and “Email”

Would be very grateful for your suggestions.

Welcome to community @Disan27,

I have updated your document

here’s how it works

First part of this to break Name and Email fields by removing () and then splitting entries by , and then using FormulaMap and Nth to iterate over these entries and finally use AddRow to add records into contact list table.

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Thanks a lot for you help, @Krunal_Sheth really appreciate it.
If I got it right, you broke the Name and Email fields by removing () manually, right?
Is there a way to get this done using some formula?
So that instead of (1,2,3) I would get 1,2,3 ?

It’s not manual - if you see formula you would see replace that removes ( and ) from first and last position.

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Thanks a lot, @Krunal_Sheth! This was really helpful!