How to use button to press selected buttons in tables?

Hi, I have a button which i want to use to mark rows on a table as paid according to an interactive date filter and interactive date filter.

It doesn’t seem to work though… can someone take a look at my formula and tell me what im doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

[DB Payables]
[Select DB Payables Person] and [Select DB Payables Date]
RunActions([Paid Button])

Hi @yscias !
In your filter you compare your control to … nothing !
You must use Match function to be sure to filter your table according to what is in your control for person and date. To see how to use match, go to your table properties and find the actual filter that should call match function, and do the same in your formula.
Also you don’t need runactions here as it will be manage by your ForEach !!

Here you go, your filter should look like this

And then you adjust your formula like this, using the same filter syntax with Matches function :

It works! Thank you very much! I assumed the search field will automatically filter according to whats in there… haha

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ahah coda is very powerful but it can’t guess stuff on his own like this :wink:

Happy to help !

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