How to Wrap Text on Calendar View?

Hi, are there any workarounds to view the full event title on Calendar view? I love the sync with my google calendar but we want to print a visual calendar and it cuts off the title and limits the text to a single line. Any luck working around this limitation??

Hi @Jasmine_Starr,

Great question, you can actually just change the view to a table and then make sure the event title has wrapping on it so the entire title of the event is showing. This should work for you when sending an email!

If you are looking for just viewing the Calendar view, currently that is not a supported feature with the pack, but we would be happy to add this to our Feature Request log for you. Just let us know when you can.


Any update on this feature? It would be amazing to see the full event name in calendar view.

No update, sorry @Leonardo_Neves! We typically do not provide ETAs on requests like these as timelines can vary on a number of different factors. Rest assured we’ve added your vote to this as well though, so you’ll be notified if this gets built out in the future!

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