Seriously... was anyone going to tell me?

That I can resize my calendar to full width now ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!!?!?!?!?!?!

Very pleasantly surprised to see all the things I can now resize and how far the column tool has came in such a short time.



Not sure what you mean.
You probably refer to the option to “enter full screen” mode? I don’t currently see any way to permanently enlarge a table in calendar view to page width.
A table (in table view) can be enlarged to any width, of course.

I stumbled upon it so not sure if it’s an official intended use for it. Going back into it, it looks like it only works if the calendar is positioned on a column. So if you make two columns for instance, then you can drag the side of the column you wish to enlarge. The result is that the calendar can be stretched across the entire screen pretty much.

It always drove me nuts that my calendar was really small.

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What you mean is the new full width feature for columns (beta), but that doesn’t allow full width for tables in calendar view.
You can set two columns to full page width, put a calendar in one column and minimize the other, but that only gives the impression the calendar would take up the whole page width, because there is always a narrow part of the other column left.
This doesn’t bother on large screens, but since the columns are not responsive, on laptops, for example, this ends up giving the calendar even less width than without the column trick.

Full width for tables in calendar view is simply not implemented at the moment.


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