I have "is not a valid row reference" but seek the beautiful blue lookup hover over

When using a lookup on a table that is using Cross-doc I result with the little red top right corner stating “not a valid row reference.” It does still lookup allowing me to insert related column from said lookup table but I don’t get the blue box surrounding that acts as a hover over. Please comment if said question needs to be more specificity.

Hi @Brantley_Thornton,
this happens when the Lookup is not providing the correct data type expected by the column (independently from Cross-doc or not).

Let’s assume you have a Table with a Lookup referencing TableA

Sometimes the lookup formula (through Lookup() or Filter()) is retrieving a reference that is either:

  • “Too wide”
    It’s actually a List(), not a TableA reference
  • “Too narrow”
    It’s a sub property property of the reference

I don’t know if this is your case, but it’s a good way to assess a first check.
Let me know if otherwise.

Thank you.